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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the overall trend of a graph?

Trend graph is typically presented in the format of a chart such as the following skincare market trends chart that indicated a positive or growth factor and a negative or decaying factor.

What is the downward trend on a graph?

Key Takeaways A downtrend is defined by lower lows and lower highs on each impulse and correction wave. If you're watching an uptrend that starts setting lower lows and lower highs, you may be spotting the formation of a downtrend. Downtrends can occur on any timeframe, including minutes, days, and years. More items...

Which type of line represents a trend in the data on a graph?

A trend graph is a chartical representation of time series data in the form of plotted points connected by line segments which represent recorded data and baseline data. The resulting line of connected segments extends to the right. The y axis represents a metric.

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