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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use DLLs in GraphEdit?

These DLLs enable GraphEdit to display property pages for some of the built-in DirectShow filters. Build a File Playback Graph GraphEdit can build a filter graph for file playback. This feature is equivalent to calling the IGraphBuilder::RenderFilemethod in an application. From the Filemenu, click Render Media File.

What is the use of GraphEdit?

GraphEdit is a visual tool for building filter graphs. With GraphEdit, you can experiment with a filter graph before you write any application code. You can also load a filter graph that your application creates, to verify that your application is building the correct graph.

How do I render a media file in GraphEdit?

Select a multimedia file and click Open. GraphEdit builds a filter graph to play the file you've selected. You can also render a media file located at a URL. From the Filemenu, click Render URL. GraphEdit displays a dialog box in which to type the URL.

How do I connect to a filter graph in GraphEdit?

To connect to the graph, GraphEdit searches the ROT for monikers whose display name matches a particular format: where X is the hexadecimal address of the Filter Graph Manager, and Y is the process id, also in hexadecimal. When your application first creates the filter graph, call the following function:

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