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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mxGraph?

mxGraph 3.9.10. mxGraph is a JavaScript diagramming library that enables interactive graph and charting applications to be quickly created that run natively in any major browser that is supported by its vendor.

How do I create a graph using mxcell?

To create a new graph instance, a DOM node (typically a DIV) is required: mxCell defines the elements of the graph model, which is implemented by mxGraphModel . The graph model has the following properties: The root element of the graph contains the layers.

How does JGraphX create contextual graphs?

It visualizes how JGraphX creates what we term a contextual graph. The context is formed by the connections between vertices and the business logic stored within the user objects.

How to change the source of mxGraph?

During development, if you wish to change mxGraph sources, use the bootstrapped mxClient.js file. The next script tag in the HEAD part of the page contains the Hello, World! example code. The first part of the code checks if the browser that is displaying the page is supported by the library.

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