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Frequently Asked Questions

What does graphic match mean in photography?

Graphic Match. The term graphic match is one of the many editing techniques used to continuously transition two successive shots. A graphic match creates a cut between two shots that juxtapose their graphically similar images.

How do you graphically match shots in film?

Creating transitions between shots that are either graphically similar or dissimilar in terms of light,shape,depth or movement. In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 1989, the iconic image and shape of the fedora hat is used to graphically match two scenes together to create visual interest.

What is a match match cut?

Match cuts are any cuts that emphasizes spatio-temporal continuity and it is the basis for continuity editing.

What does eye line match mean in film?

Eye-line Match. In an eye-line match, a shot of a character looking at something cuts to another shot showing exactly what the character sees. Essentially, the camera temporarily becomes the character’s eyes with this editing technique.

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