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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Vacutainer tubes?

What are vacutainer tubes? These are the color coded plastic tubes with rubber stopper. 2. Mention the different vacutainer tubes and their uses 3. What is the ratio of sodium citrate used in coagulation studies? 4. What is the difference between plasma and serum? 5. What are the uses of plasma? 6. What are the uses of serum?

Who makes BD Vacutainer® blood collection tubes?

BD is the inventor of BD Vacutainer® blood collection tubes as well as the worldwide leader in blood tubes. We support our products with extensive clinical expertise and educational materials to help you achieve the best possible results. Only BD provides a full offering of blood collection tubes in both glass and plastic.

What is the difference between Lavender and Gray-Top EDTA tubes?

Lavender-top tube: Contains K 2 EDTA. Use: EDTA whole blood or plasma. Send plasma in a plastic transport tube labeled “Plasma, EDTA.” Send whole blood in a lavender-top tube. Gray-top tube: Contains sodium fluoride (a preservative) and potassium oxalate (an anticoagulant).

What are Vacutainer® sterile Chemistry tubes with the hemogardtm closure?

Vacutainer® brand sterile chemistry tubes with the Hemogard™ closure help to protect lab personnel from contact with blood on the stopper or around the outer rim of the tube, as well as from blood splattering upon opening the tube.

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