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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GTR 2 FIA GT?

This game was created by SimBin Development Team and it developing successful racing games and players can get a chance to WTCC-class vehicles and it held differently held representations around the world. It will be released on 29 September 2006. See More: Racing Game GTR 2 FIA GT Racing Gameplay Trailer GTR 2 FIA GT Reviews

What are the modes in GTR 2?

Besides "Driving School," GTR 2 includes modes such as "Open Practice," "Race Weekend," "Championships," "Time Trials," and "24 Hour Races." The game's multiplayer modes make room for 32 opponents from around the world, or just a friendly race between friends.

What is the difference between GTR legends and GTR 2?

GTR 2 does the almost impossible by pumping up the gameplay while also making the notoriously challenging franchise more accessible for average racing fans. Following the release of the original GTR, and subsequently with GT Legends, fans complained of the overwhelming level of detail and almost cruel difficulty of the titles.

How do I learn to drive FIA GT?

Beginners can start with the driving school where they are taught the basics of race driving by a professional instructor. Thanks to dynamic day, night and weather changes and an impressive damage system, the races of the exciting FIA GT series become a thrilling gaming experience.

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