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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gumshoe research and why is it important?

d. Simple gumshoe research is also important for gaining a sense of the likely demand for a product or service idea. A gumshoe is a detective or an investigator who scrounges around for information or clues wherever they can be found.

What does the name Gumshoe mean?

1. A sneaker or rubber overshoe. 2. Slang An investigator, especially a detective. intr.v. gum·shoed, gum·shoe·ing, gum·shoes Slang. 1. To work as a detective. 2. To move about stealthily; sneak.

Where did the term 'Gumshoe' originate?

Gumshoe (also gumboot, gumshoer) comes from the idea of wearing rubber-soled shoes so as to move quietly. The primary use refers to a private detective or plain-clothes policeman.

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