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Frequently Asked Questions

What is guqin notation?

Guqin notation. The notation of the guqin is a unique form of tablature for the Chinese musical instrument, with a history of over 1,500 years, still in use today.

How many strings does guqin have?

Guqin has 7 strings, from farthest to nearest, from the thickest one to the thinnest one, this notation is represented by Chinese numbers from one to seven. B, The Different Types of Sound: Guqin has 3 kinds of sound: Fan Yin, An Yin and San Yin.

What is the most important technique in playing guqin?

For playing guqin, the finger technique is of the highest importance. Guqin has a unique system of notation all its own. Each note is written in abbreviated Chinese characters, so called "Jian-Zi."

Is guqin better preserved than other musical instruments?

However, the guqin repertoire has been much better preserved than all other instruments. Since November 2003, Guqin has been registered as one of the master pieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of the humanity by the United Nations' Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO).

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