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What are some good guy names?

30 Of The Most Masculine Boy Names That Made Our Hearts Skip A Beat Hunter. Any parent on the hunt for a super sweet and manly baby name should consider the masculine name Hunter. Wyatt. Add a comment... ... Xander. According to BabyCenter, the name Xander means "protector of men," which is a name meaning that we are sure daddy will love. Ace. ... Titus. ... Axel. ... Rhett. ... Ethan. ... Trent. ... Owen. ... More items...

What are good male names?

Most popular boy names in the 70s in North Carolina: Is yours in this list? Michael. Michael is a name of Hebrew origin meaning "who is like God?". James. James is a name of Hebrew origin meaning "supplanter". Christopher. Christopher is a name of English origin meaning "Christ-bearer". William. William is a name of Germanic origin meaning "vehement protector". David. ... Robert. ... John. ... Jason. ... Brian. ... Charles. ... More items...

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