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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Susan Muffley Act of 2022?

To increase the benefits guaranteed in connection with certain pension plans, and for other purposes. 1. This Act may be cited as the Susan Muffley Act of 2022. 2.

What does HR 6929 mean?

H.R. 6929 is a bill in the United States Congress. A bill must be passed by both the House and Senate in identical form and then be signed by the President to become law. Bills numbers restart every two years. That means there are other bills with the number H.R. 6929. This is the one from the 117 th Congress.

How much will HR 6929 add to new spending through 2032?

R Street Institute estimates H.R. 6929 will add $912 million in new spending through 2032. Your organization ’s position statement could be on this page! Register your organization’s position on this bill » Bills and resolutions are referred to committees which debate the bill before possibly sending it on to the whole chamber.

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