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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Harlow Homefinder?

Please contact us on 01279446655 for further information. Harlow Homefinder is the lettings scheme for council and housing association homes in Harlow, giving you more choice about where you want to live. You can use Harlow Homefinder if you are an existing tenant seeking a transfer or a homeseeker applying for the first time.

Why has Harlow Council changed its housing register?

Following public consultation, Harlow Council has changed its Housing Register to a Housing Needs Register. This is because Council housing will be allocated based on need rather than the length of time applicants have been waiting. The new Housing Needs Register also uses new conditions to determine who can qualify to join the Register.

How do I get help with moving house in Harlow?

If you require further assistance please call Contact Harlow on 01279 446655 You could be eligible for help if you need to move closer to your place of work within Harlow. Please contact us on 01279446655 for further information.

How often do I get bids on Harlow Homefinder?

As long as you have registered with Harlow Homefinder and have an active application you will have three bids to use every week between Thursday morning and the following Monday night / Tuesday morning.

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