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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Prince Harry's visa revocation in the public interest?

“TThis request is in the public interest in light of the potential revocation of Prince Harry’s visa for illicit substance use and further questions regarding the Prince’s drug use and whether he was properly vetted before entering the United States,” Mike Howell, director of the foundation’s Oversight Project, told the Daily Mail.

What did Harry say to Willy before he left?

Harry said: "Someone suggested that before I left I should step outside with Willy. Cool our heads. All right. We went up and down the yew hedges.

Why is the foundation pushing for information on Harry's visa application?

The foundation’s push for information on Harry’s visa application comes after the Prince revealed his use of a range of substances including marijuana, mushrooms, and cocaine during his promotion of his new book Spare.

Is Prince Harry's book Spare a spoof?

The Duke of Sussex's book Spare is being parodied in a spoof biography of Prince Harry which promises to go "deep inside the castle walls" and expose "every shouting match, fist-fight, betrayal, teddy bear, awkward hug and tear-stained wedding rehearsal".

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