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Frequently Asked Questions

Was Severus Snape truly protecting Harry Potter?

In general, however, it is safe to say that Professor Snape did his job at protecting Harry against real threats , and taught him many spells that would later be useful against Lord Voldemort. One of the most nonsensical and villainous things Severus Snape did was exposing Remus Lupin as a werewolf.

Which actor plays Snape?

The adult Snape was portrayed by Alan Rickman in all eight movies. In the fifth movie (Order of the Phoenix), young Severus was played by Alec Hopkins in a brief flashback sequence. Similarly, in the eight film (Deathly Hallows part II), young Severus was played by Benedict Clarke.

Does Snape care about Harry?

Snape cares for Harry because she is Lily's son. She sacrificed herself to save him and Snape would do his best to make sure his ONE TRUE LOVE's dying wish is carried out. If Harry dies Lily will have died in vein. It would have all been for nothing.

Who died from Harry Potter cast?

Helen McCrory, actress in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” and the James Bond film “Skyfall” as well as shows including “Peaky Blinders,” has died at 52. Her husband, fellow actor Damian Lewis, confirmed that she passed away peacefully after a battle with cancer.

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