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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different jobs available in Airlines?

Types of Airport Jobs Pilots, Co-Pilots and Flight Engineers. : With a pilot's license, you can work as a commercial pilot or airline pilot, according to the U.S. ... Air Traffic Controller. ... Aircraft and Avionics Mechanics. ... Airport Managers. ... Transportation Security Screener. ... Airfield Operations Specialists. ... Aeronautical Engineer. ...

What are Hawaiian Airlines core values?

Hawaiian Airlines Job Opportunities. The airline focuses on treating people right by living out core values of integrity, diversity, responsibility, teamwork, passion, and hospitality. Anyone seeking employment with the chain should exhibit company core values along with desires to achieve and excel.

What airlines are available in Hawaii?

Hawaii Airlines. Hawaiian Airlines, Aloha Airlines, Continental Airlines, American West Airlines, American Airlines, American Trans Air, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines fly from the United States to Hawaii. Many major European Airlines that fly to the United States will have layovers in Hawaii, which permits you to get flights to Hawaii.

What jobs are in the airline industry?

Jobs in the airline industry include pilot, flight attendant, and aircraft mechanic. Becoming a pilot requires extensive training and usually a degree, and mechanics must attend technical college. Flight attendants can get started with just a high school education and receive training on the job.

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