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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the formula mass of HCl?

The molar (molecular) mass of hydrochloric acid is found by adding up the atomic masses of both elements in the compound. (appx.) H= 1.0. Cl= 35.5. HCl= 36.5 grams. 5 people found this useful.

How to calculate molarity of HCl?

How to calculate molarity Choose your substance. ... Find the molar mass of your substance. ... Decide on the mass concentration of your substance - you can either input it directly or fill in the boxes for substance mass and solution volume. ... Convert the expressions above to obtain a molarity formula. ... More items...

How do you calculate the pH of HCl?

To calculate the pH of HCl you need to know the concentration expressed in molarity (mol HCl/L solution). You will use the following equation to find the pH. pH = -log[H+] This means you take the negative log of the hydrogen ion concentration to find the pH.

What is the density of one molar HCl?

What is the molarity or molar concentration of Product No. H1758, Hydrochloric acid? Based on an approximate density of 1.2 g/ml and a percentage range of 36.5 - 38.0%, concentrated HCl is in the range 11.6-12.0 M (which is also 11.6-12.0 Normal, for this monoprotic acid).

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