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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HCR 20 used for?

The World’s Leading Violence Risk Assessment Instrument. The HCR-20 was developed to help structured decisions about violence risk. Since the publication of Version 1 in 1995 and Version 2 in 1997, it has become the world’s most widely used and best validated violence risk assessment instrument.

Is the HCR-20 effective in the evaluation of violence?

Similarly, on average, the HCR-20 demonstrates moderate to large effect sizes with violence. Studies have shown that the HCR-20 summary risk ratings of low, moderate, and high risk perform as well as, or better than, numerical (actuarial) use of the HCR-20.

How accurate is the HCR-20?

This review adds to the accuracy of the HCR-20, and increases its practicality. The HCR-20 consists of three main areas: historical, clinical, and risk management. The HCR-20 domains are coded with a rating of 0 (not present), 1 (possible/less serious), or 3 (definite/serious).

How many risk factors are in the HCR-20?

This entry describes the development, content, and conceptual basis of the HCR-20, its intended application, user qualifications, and a summary of evaluation research. The 20 HCR-20 risk factors are dispersed across three scales: Historical (10 risk factors), Clinical (5 risk factors), and Risk Management (5 risk factors).

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