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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best headphone extension cable?

6 Best Headphone Extension Cables on the Market C&E Stereo Headphone Extension Cable. The C&E Stereo Headphone Extension Cable is one of the best headphone extension cables on the market. eDragon 3.5 mm Aux Headphone Extension Cable. The eDragon 3.5 mm Aux Headphone Extension Cable is a premium-end cable, yet extremely reasonably priced. UGREEN Headphone Extension Cable. ... More items...

What does extension cord mean?

extension cord. noun. : an electric cord fitted with a plug at one end and a receptacle at the other.

What is a three prong extension cord?

The third prong in the extension cord provides a path to the ground wire in a household electrical circuit. This ground wire greatly reduces the risk of electrical shock and fires. The three-prong cord itself should only be used with properly grounded three-slot outlets.

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