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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a health declaration still mandatory in the Philippines?

However, the health declaration is still a mandatory requirement regardless of vaccination status, although it is no longer referred to as the OHP. Travelers accessed the One Health Pass for the Philippines through the web-based online portal. Applicants did not need to download a mobile application.

Is one health pass still required in the Philippines?

Therefore, they were also required to register with One Health Pass and complete an eHDC, until this system was replaced. Now, they are required to register with the new system. Is One Health Pass still required for the Philippines in 2022? As of November 1, 2022, the One Health Pass is no longer required for the Philippines.

What is the new health declaration system?

The new system is similar to the OHP. However, you now have 72 hours before traveling to complete the health declaration. It’s useful for travelers to understand these terms and acronyms when completing the online registration process. eArrival Card — the online platform where travelers provide their information

How do I get a QR code for the Philippines?

Once the online health declaration form for the Philippines is complete and has been processed, the traveler will receive a QR code. This will be delivered to the email address they provided on the e-CIF. The QR code must be brought to the Philippines. It must be presented on arrival in the Philippines for the passenger to be allowed to enter.

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