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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hearts of West a good movie?

Hearts of West. "Hearts of the West" is a lovely little comedy, a movie to feel fond of. It's about a farm kid who sends away for a correspondence school course on how to be a cowboy and runs away to a godforsaken crossroads in Nevada because he wants to "hang around the campus.".

Who is Jeff Bridges in hearts of the west?

Jeff Bridges stars as a dreamy-eyed Iowa farm boy who heads to Hollywood in the 1930s with hopes of becoming a screenwriter. An offbeat comedy with a wonderful ensemble cast. Watch Hearts of the West (1975) | Prime Video Skip to main content .us Prime Video

What is the story of the western?

Set in 1930s Hollywood, the story revolves around a wannabe Western writer who finds himself cast as a leading man in several B-movie Westerns . Despite good reviews, the film was a financial disappointment for MGM upon release in 1975, but it has since developed a significant cult following from midnight showings and college campus screenings.

Who plays Lewis Tater in hearts of the west?

Hearts of the West (British title: Hollywood Cowboy) stars Jeff Bridges as Lewis Tater, a 1930s-era aspiring novelist who harbors dreams of becoming the next Zane Grey or Peter B. Kyne. He arrives in Nevada to seek out the correspondence school that has "graduated" him.

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