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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Heaven a noun?

heaven is a noun. Its 2 syllables, heav en, are pronounced HEV n. There are 6 definitions. Definition 1 is: The abode of God and of blest spirits; the dwelling-place or state of existence of righteous souls after their life on earth.

Is Heaven a realm?

Heaven is a realm or state that is primarily pleasant and where the lifespan is very long. Buddhism recognizes seven heavens Ý (1) the Càtumahàràjika Heaven, (2) the Tàvatiüsa Heaven, (3) the Heaven of Yàma, (4) the Tusita Heaven, (5) the Nimmànaratã Heaven, (6) the Paranimmita Heaven and (7) the Brahma heaven.

Is Heaven a place?

YES, heaven is a place. Heaven is the abode of spirits, and since the only place where spirits can exist is in hearts and minds, that means that heaven is hearts and minds. More specifically, biblical heaven is the combined hearts and minds of all those who look forward to the fulfillment of God’s everlasting gospel promise to Abraham.

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