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Frequently Asked Questions

What do hens and chickens eat?

Chickens rummage for earthworms, insects, and slugs of all kinds to eat. You may even see a rooster catch a mouse to feed his hens. However, most poultry also like to eat the following tips and seeds of the following growing grasses and weeds:

Can hens and chicks survive the winter?

There is nothing much to do for Hens and Chicks in winter. Most of the time, they will survive and thrive in maximum negligence. But there are some basic things you should do for your Hens and Chicks to support them overwinter easily. Prepare Hens and Chicks for the winter During winters, there are high chances of fungal disease development.

Are hen and chicks succulents?

What is a hen without her chicks? In the succulents group, hens and chicks is a ground-hugging evergreen plant with adorable character. Part of the flowering Crassulaceae (stonecrop) family, hens and chicks, or Sempervivum tectorum (Latin for "always ...

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