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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hhjk virus?

What Is HHJK Virus? Hhjk virus is a nasty infection that belongs to a large scale operation, that is commonly known as the STOP/DJVU ransomware family. What this virus does is to get inside your computer system and then encrypt your files in order to hold them hostage so that you can be a hefty ransom fee to the cyber criminals that are behind it.

What is hhjk file decryption?

The .Hhjk file decryption is an action that removes the encryption placed on the locked files and makes them accessible again. To complete the .Hhjk file decryption, you will need a special recovery key that matches the applied encryption or a custom decryptor tool.

What is hhjk and MMOB?

The goal of viruses like Hhjk, Jhgn, Mmob is to make you pay ransom to the people who are responsible for its creation. If you don’t send the requested money sum, you would (according to the hackers) never again be able to access any of the locked files.

How to remove hhjk?

We tested that SpyHunter successfully removes Hhjk*, and we recommend downloading it. Manual removal may take hours, it can harm your system if you re not careful, and Hhjk may reinstall itself at the end if you don't delete its core files.

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