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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a normal range of bilirubin in a newborn?

What Is a Normal Range of Bilirubin in a Newborn? According to the American Pregnancy Association, serum bilirubin levels that exceed 10 milligrams at under 24 hours after birth, above 15 milligrams at 24 to 48 hours after birth, above 18 milligrams at 49 to 72 hours after birth and above 20 milligrams after 72 hours beyond birth require treatment.

When to check newborn bilirubin?

Newborn NH screening can happen during the first days of life at the bedside or in the nursery. To screen for NH, doctors and nurses can check newborns for yellow skin or eyes. This visual check does not measure exact bilirubin levels and can be inaccurate. Screening with a painless skin sensor or blood sample to measure exact

What can cause high bilirubin?

High bilirubin levels may be caused by infections, inherited diseases, liver diseases, diseases that cause bile-duct blockage, sickle cell disease and certain medicines. Infections, including cholecystitis or an infected gallbladder, can cause an elevation in the levels of bilirubin in the blood, as noted by WebMD.

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