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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of HMM?

Definition of hmm 1 —used to express the action or process of thinking Let's get one question out of the way immediately … : does Spike Lee like to cause trouble? "Hmm," he says, sighing. "Yeah, I guess you could call me an instigator."

What is the meaning of “hmmm” in chatting?

What is the meaning of "hmmm" in chatting? “Hmm” during conversation is a space-filler expression one uses when he wants to pause to think what to say next, or when he doesn’t know immediately what to say next. 1. “What would you like to have now, coffee or tea?”

What's a good thing about 'HMM'?

The good thing about "hmm" is that they took the time to acknowledge and react to your text. That's nice and polite and all sorts of good things. The problem is that they didn't respond to it. Hopefully you'll get another text soon, one that tells you a little more. If no further words are...

What does too many HMM's in a text mean?

(more)Loading…. It can mean that the particular person you are texting is thinking how to answer. Too many hmm’s in a text conversation could mean that the other person is not interested to talk to you or he/she wants to end the text conversation.

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