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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Honduras a dangerous country?

However, whilst it’s quite dangerous, the government is promoting tourism in Honduras. And people do go. Some areas are also safer than others. For example, the Bay Islands are safer than the mainland. Many people do travel to this particular part of Honduras, even with their families.

What is daily life like in Honduras?

The urban centers of Honduras are making significant advances in the face of extreme economic instability, sociopolitical strife and rampant crime. In rural regions, a harsh, ever-changing climate looms while international aid programs focused on infrastructure, food security and financial independence provide crucial assistance.

Why should people visit Honduras?

Why you should go? I’ll give you my best reasons in this article! 1. The nature is so beautiful. When I crossed the border of Honduras, after visiting Nicaragua, the landscape immediately changed. Rugged mountains and deep valleys draw the decor of the country. Honduras is so green and so mountainous, it’s stunning.

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