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Frequently Asked Questions

What does injury mean?

n., pl. -ju•ries. 1. harm or damage done or sustained, esp. bodily harm: to escape without injury. 2. a particular form or instance of harm: an injury to one's shoulder; an injury to one's pride. 3. wrong or injustice done or suffered. 4.

What is the correct definition of injury?

injury ( ˈɪndʒərɪ) n, pl -ries 1. physical damage or hurt 2. a specific instance of this: a leg injury. 3. harm done to a reputation 4. (Law) law a violation or infringement of another person's rights that causes him harm and is actionable at law 5. an obsolete word for insult

What are the types of injury?

Different types of injury The basic principles. Sports injuries tend to be divided into two categories: • soft tissue injuries (anything except bone) • bony injury, which means either the bone is broken (fracture) or the bones are out of their normal alignment (dislocation).

What is the first report of injury?

What does First Report of Injury or Illness mean? The First Report of Injury or Illness form is the form completed by the employer to report a work-related injury to their insurance company.

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