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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a TikTok account for Hanako-kun?

Akari Kito, Nene's VA, is a fan of the series and has been reading the manga since Volume 1 was released. An official TikTok account has been created for the anime. [6] ↑ FUNimation's description of Toilet-bound Hanako-kun.

When was Hanako born?

Hanako celebrated his fourth birthday along with his brother on November 25th 1960. From this information, it can be assumed that his birthdate is November 25th 1956. Hanako is based off the popular Japanese urban legend Hanako-san, which describes the spirit of a young girl who haunts school bathrooms.

Who is Hanako Tsukasa?

Hanako governs over the Seven Mysteries as School Mystery Number 7 . He is the older twin brother of Yugi Tsukasa. As a human, he previously attended Kamome Academy as a student. Hanako is a short boy, standing at roughly 150 cm (4'11") tall with choppy, dark brown hair and large, amber irises shaped into a crescent moon shape.

What happened to Hanako?

Hanako himself died due to unknown causes not long after, tragically becoming a ghost and the only known human to Tsuchigomori (at that time) to change their future. After becoming a ghost, Amane Yugi became known as Hanako and took up the mantle of the seventh mystery.

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