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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Home Depot use pressure treated wood?

Every piece meets the highest grading standards for strength and appearance. This lumber is pressure treated in order to protect it from termites, fungal decay, and rot. Ideal for a variety of applications, including decks, landscaping, and other outdoorTreated wood is typically still wet when it's delivered to The Home Depot or job site.

Is pressure treated lumber good for ground contact?

Generally, pressure treated lumber is rated approved for either ground contact or above-ground only applications, since ground contact can subject lumber to damage-causing water. Lowe's offers pressure treated lumber for both contact types in a range of sizes.

Does Lowes sell treated lumber?

Treated lumber can also include fire retardant and is a great choice for outdoor projects like decks, fences, patios and gazebos. Find building code-compliant options and get a lifetime warranty against fungal rot and termite damage. Find 2 by 6 treated lumber and other common sizes at Lowe's.

Can pressure-treated decking increase your home's value?

Studies show that adding a deck is one of the best ways you can increase your home's value. Pressure-treated decking is building code approved for use in decking in above-ground or ground contact applications. Your maintenance efforts will give you a pressure-treated project that looks bright and fresh for years to come! 1.

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