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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of treated lumber to use?

Generally, pressure treated lumber is rated approved for either ground contact or above-ground only applications, since ground contact can subject lumber to damage-causing water. Lowe's offers pressure treated lumber for both contact types in a range of sizes.

What is the difference between ground contact and above ground treated lumber?

With any pt lumber look at the sticker on the end of every board. You want to see " ground contact " The box store sell very little of that mostley 4x4's. Above ground contact is useless or hardley better than untreated lumber. Everyone has to make a buck call it premium or below premium its all Sales.

What are the benefits of pressure treated lumber?

Pressure treatment is an affordable alternative to expensive naturally rot-resistant lumber. The preservatives provide protection against rot, insects, mold, and fungi, so the wood lasts longer. Treated wood is made from strong evergreen species making it suitable for most building projects.

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