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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of honey?

Honey is of English and Latin origin. It is used mainly in English. English origin: It is from honey ; huneg which means 'honey'. The name is from the common English word; it was originally a nickname that has been used as a term of endearment since the medieval period.

Is raw honey same as clover honey?

The more important definition of raw clover honey, is not however, whether these properties are present in the honey, rather, it is whether or not the honey has been heated, and if so, to what temperature extremes. At higher temperatures, the enzymes in the honey will break down. This process is known as pasteurization.

Do honey bees eat their own honey?

(Note, it is important that honey bees are only fed their own honey, to ensure viruses and disease do not spread between different bee colonies). However, some beekeepers do remove all the honey from bees, and only provide sugar in return. Sugar is in no way as nutritious for the bees as honey is.

Does honey have sugar content?

The food with the highest sugar content per typical serving is Honey which contains 278.39 g in 1 cup (or 339 g). The percentage of the recommended daily value for this serving is 309 %.

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