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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a knitting loom hook?

Loom Hook. Walmart & 2 other sellers from $6.48 The Loom Hook tool is a handheld hook with a curved end. It is used in loom knitting to slide behind the yarn and pick it up and pull it over the peg.

What is a knitting loom?

A knitting loom is a frame or machine that is used by a crafter to interweave yarn or threads of wool into a pattern. A person who engages in this craft is sometimes known as a weaver. The craft of knitting is typically viewed as wool being worked by a weaver using needles to create items such as clothing, blankets or scarves and hats, for example.

What is a cotton loom?

Cotton Loops are stretchy loops for the original Harrisville potholder looms. The smaller bags have enough loops to make two potholders. The large bag makes eight potholders. You can choose bags of a single color or mix things up with the multi-color bags containing a variety of colors.

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