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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hookah bar?

Other names for a hookah bar includes hookah lounge, hookah cafe, hookah den, and shisha bar. Originating in India and spreading to several Middle Eastern countries, traditional hookah lounges are coffee houses that also serve hookah.

What is the Hookah Lounge in Vegas?

As the name suggests, hookah was the primary offering, but alcohol and Middle Eastern food were also served. The Hookah Lounge attracted mostly men of Middle Eastern descent initially but drew a more diverse crowd over time. Today, The Hookah Lounge has two locations in Las Vegas.

What is the history of the hookah lounge?

The first hookah lounges in the U.S. were coffee/tea houses that served immigrant communities. Hookah was an additional offering at these establishments, not the main focus. That all changed when The Hookah Lounge opened its doors in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Can you order hookah for one?

Hookah is often smoked in small groups, so you'll probably find the lounge is able to accommodate that with bean bag chairs or comfortable couches grouped around the hookah table. That said, lone patrons can easily order hookah for one, as well.

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