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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hookah hose?

Nammor Hookah hoses are often considered as the best hookah hoses by many. These items are built for the most demanding shisha smokers. Nammor hoses are made with a wide bore which allows unrestricted air-flow making it the optimal hose for huge clouds and smooth inhales.

Where to buy Hoka shoes locally?

Choose from a number of different styles of HOKA shoes at DICK’S Sporting Goods including women's HOKA running shoes and HOKA running shoes for men. Wherever your feet take you, HOKA shoes tout their light, thick cushioning technology to keep your running strong from start to finish.

Are Hoka shoes good?

The Hoka shoes started the 'maximum cushioning, minimum drop' style of shoe with their thick, softly cushioned soles. They reduce the pounding on the soles of your feet, but they are not without their downsides.

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