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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hihooked on driving program?

Hooked on Driving programs focus on safety (free of competition, wheel-to-wheel racing or timed laps), fun (HOD events include a catered lunch to enable the drivers to get acquainted), and learning (new driving skills).

What is Hod driving?

With a focus on safety, coaching, learning and fun, HOD drivers are able to experience their cars at a higher level on a track than would be safe or prudent on the public highways.

Is it safe to drive with Hod?

HOD has an amazing track record for safety for both drivers and their cars. Some standard auto policies may cover you while you are driving with HOD, but HOD cannot guarantee this and recommends a review of the exclusions on your policies. If at all in doubt we recommend our partner OpenTrack HPDE Insurance .

What regions does destinationhooked on driving operate in?

Hooked On Driving currently operates in 6 key regions of the U.S. including: Northern California/Reno, Northeast U.S., Florida, Great Lakes, Southern States, and the Pacific Northwest. Drivers are welcome to travel from one region to another and participate with their own cars, or contact the Region owner to arrange an "arrive and drive" rental.

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