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Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is the Miravalles Volcano?

The stunning Miravalles Volcano is located in the Guanacaste province where there is tropical yet dry climate. This beautiful volcano stands 1969ft (600m) above sea level raising a total height of 6654ft (2028m). The National Park makes up around 10,850 hectares of land.

What to do in Las Hornillas?

Las Hornillas also has some hiking trails, which lead to stunning waterfalls. The guided hike starts with a tractor ride and then crosses some rustic hanging bridges. From the bridges, you can see all the way to the Gulf of Nicoya (Pacific Ocean). About 35 minutes from the Miravalles Volcano is one of Guanacaste’s most stunning waterfalls.

Why visit Miravalles in Costa Rica?

Miravalles is a little-known destination in Costa Rica with a lot to offer. If you prefer off-the-beaten-path travel, but still want to experience volcanic hot springs, this area offers the perfect mixture of both. Have a question about visiting the Miravalles region?

Are the thermal hot springs in Miravalles worth visiting?

If you are looking for a day or two of ultimate relaxation, you won’t be disappointed. One of Miravalles’ best features are the thermal hot springs. The Yoko Termales offers 5 hot spring pools of temperatures around 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit).

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