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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'divert' status mean for hospitals in New Jersey?

NEW JERSEY – At least six New Jersey hospitals have been on partial "divert" status as they deal with too many coronavirus cases and other issues amid the second-wave of the COVID-19 outbreak. "Divert" status usually means that hospitals send notice to incoming ambulances to bring patients to other local medical care facilities.

Which Trenton hospitals are diverting patients to other hospitals?

In Trenton, St. Francis Medical Center diverted patients from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Wednesday, said hospital spokeswoman Jennifer McGowan-Smith. McGowan-Smith said a higher number of coronavirus cases at the hospital contributed to the need to divert patients.

What is a full divert hospital?

Full Divert: The entire hospital, including theED, is unable to admit any additional patients(ambulance, walk-in emergency, critical care, gen-eral admission). Critical Care Divert:No intensive care unit(ICU)beds or critical/coronary care unit (CCU)beds are available. providers of emergency medical services.

Why is East Orange General Hospital diverting patients?

East Orange General Hospital was temporarily diverting patients on Wednesday due to an equipment issue, the hospital said in an emailed statement. “East Orange General Hospital’s Emergency Department is temporarily diverting certain ambulance traffic to other area emergency departments while we address an equipment-related issue.

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