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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'divert' status mean for hospitals in New Jersey?

NEW JERSEY – At least six New Jersey hospitals have been on partial "divert" status as they deal with too many coronavirus cases and other issues amid the second-wave of the COVID-19 outbreak. "Divert" status usually means that hospitals send notice to incoming ambulances to bring patients to other local medical care facilities.

What is a full divert hospital?

Full Divert: The entire hospital, including theED, is unable to admit any additional patients(ambulance, walk-in emergency, critical care, gen-eral admission). Critical Care Divert:No intensive care unit(ICU)beds or critical/coronary care unit (CCU)beds are available. providers of emergency medical services.

What happened to the state’s Hospital diversions website?

But on Dec. 31, the state decommissioned the website, with an error message now appearing in its place. The Department of Health said hospital diversions have been moved onto a new platform called Corvena, which for now remains outside of the public eye.

How many people have been hospitalized in New Jersey?

Persichilli said New Jersey has 1,827 people hospitalized, about five times more than two months ago. But it's also far lower total than what New Jersey had at its peak during the spring, when there were more than 8,000 hospitalized.

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