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Frequently Asked Questions

Did hawks kill Best Jeanist?

Hawks is simply an undercover agent trying to learn more about the League; He has no reason to actually kill Best Jeanist, and he could have simply urged the Pro Hero into hiding while Hawks faked the man's death.

Why did hawks kill twice?

Similarly, Why did Hawks kill twice? He stated that Hawks “can’t be a bad guy” and wanted to free him from the Hero Society. … However, due to continued resistance from Twice and Dabi’s interference, Hawks ended up killing Twice by stabbing him in the back as Twice fled to join the battle in order to stop him.

Did hawks die?

Receive the latest sports updates in your inbox. NBC Chicago sportscaster Daryl Hawks died of an apparent heart attack while on assignment in Atlanta in May, the Fulton County (Georgia) Medical Examiner's Office said Tuesday. Hawks, 38, was found unresponsive by hotel staff in his hotel room at the Omni Hotel on May 12.

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