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Frequently Asked Questions

When do silkie chickens lay eggs?

Silkies start laying eggs later than a lot of chicken breeds. Typically, they will not lay their first egg until they are at least 7 months of age, and it’s often nearer 9-10 months. Do Silkie Chickens Lay Eggs? How Many Eggs Does a Silkie Chicken Lay a Week? What Color Eggs Do Silkies Lay? Why Won't My Silkie Hen Lay Eggs?

Why do Silkies stop laying eggs?

Their eggs, other hen’s eggs, even artificial eggs! When a Silkie is broody they stop laying eggs, this is one of the main reasons behind them laying so few eggs. If you want to incubate and hatch eggs, they are perfect for the job. A lot of backyard flock owners keep a couple of silkies for this very reason.

How long do silkie chickens live?

Silkie chickens live between 7-9 years on average. There are some things you can do to ensure they live a long and happy life, however, and I’ve heard of Silkies living to 12-13 years of age. What Are Silkie Chickens?

Do silkie chickens go broody?

Silkie chickens are famous for their tendency to go broody. In fact, although many breeders have selectively bred this broodiness out of other chicken breeds in order to maximize egg production, Silkies have been raised exclusively for this characteristic.

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