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How many homes have been abandoned during the housing crisis?

About 20% of homes in foreclosure have been abandoned and stand vacant. Many of the cities are in states with some of the longest average foreclosure times. Most of the cities saw severe price declines during the crisis.

Are all vacant homes really abandoned?

Not all vacant homes are entirely abandoned. Some may be temporarily open because they are for sale. Others may be rental properties on the market for tenants. However, these “healthy” vacant homes are a small portion of the inventory.

How many abandoned buildings are there in the United States?

Discover 434 abandoned places in the United States. Take a self-guided tour through one of Colorado's most elevated mining districts. Tiny treasures, giant murals, and strange sculptures decorate the windows and doors of this abandoned building.

Where are the most abandoned homes in foreclosure?

While the housing market is on the mend, some cities still struggle as they wait for thousands of homes to complete the process. Nearly one in three homes in foreclosure are abandoned in Indianapolis. In five separate metro areas in Florida, more than one in four homeowners have given up.

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