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Frequently Asked Questions

Why study at du?

At DU, you'll be given chances to work outside the classroom and use your education to help create and strengthen healthy communities. 72% of our undergraduates and 76% of our graduate students participate in at least one internship during their time here, working to build their own skills and contribute to something larger.

What does du stand for?

Acronym Definition DU Dutch DU Dubai DU Duplex DU Duke University 57 more rows ...

What is a du education?

Current Slide Slide 2 details. A DU education takes you out of the classroom to work with communities where you can learn through collaboration and real-world experience. Our academic programs connect you to professional and civic experiences that help you prepare for life after graduation.

How do I choose between DU community member and du non-student?

Choose DU COMMUNITY MEMBER if you have PioneerWeb Access. Choose NON-STUDENT if you do not have PioneerWeb Access but did COVID-19 Testing through DU. Please wait...

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