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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some easy stained glass patterns?

The triquetra is the simplest of the Celtic knots so this piece is quick and easy to make. Get the pattern and make your own! Cala Lilly Stained Glass Easter Suncatcher PDF Pattern. With only 3 pieces, this is a quick and easy suncatcher!

Is it difficult to make stained glass patterns?

Use the stencil to create any pattern you think is difficult. The stencil will help you a lot in constructing complex patterns. Stick the stencil inside your glass and start drawing outside. Making gold pattern in your glassware will add elegant looks. If you want to create organized details, better to use the stencil.

What supplies do you need for stained glass patterns?

First of all, you need to gather the supplies. They are colored glass printables (choose a complex and natural one), thick white paper, paint, a palette, water, scissors, glitters, a hole puncher, and a thread. Secondly, print the pictures on white paper. Mix the paint with water on the palette.

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