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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 9/12 simplified?

The simplest form of 9/12 is 3/4 where, 9/12 is the given fraction to be simplified, 3/4 is the lowest term of 9/12.

What is 2 to the 2nd power?

Explanation: (-2) to the 2nd power or simply '-2 to the 2nd' is obtained by multiplying 2 times the base -2 by itself. So, Note: We say that -2 is the base, 2 is the exponent, and the whole thing or the result is a power of -2.

How to solve fractions with exponents?

Fractional exponents. How to solve fractional exponents. Simplifying fractional exponents; Simplifying fractions with exponents; ... Adding fractional exponents is done by raising each exponent first and then adding: a n/m + b k/j. Example: 3 3/2 + 2 5/2 = √(3 3) + √ ...

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