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Frequently Asked Questions

Are statues useful in terraria?

Statues are incredibly useful in Terrara — these are the best of them. One of the most hidden but useful aspects of Terraria is its statues. If you know what they do and how to exploit them then your game will never be the same — you just need to know which ones are the best to use and the most important to find.

How to make a Critter statue?

So with 19 different statues to choose from it will take a bit of thinking to find the right one you want to make. Nevertheless, you can make them at a Heavy Work Bench, and make sure you have Ecto Mist at your disposal . Making these simply requires 50 Stone Blocks and five of the critter you want to make into a statue.

What is the bird statue in terraria?

The Bird Statue is a favorite among players and fans of Terraria, and rightly so. The Bird Statue is a hugely important component in the fastest engine in the game, the Bird Engine. All you need is 50 Stone Blocks and five birds of any type to make this amazingly useful statue.

How do you make a butterfly statue?

This statue can be crafted using 50 Stone Blocks and five of any kind of Butterfly. It can then spawn random butterflies of most sorts, including the rarest of them all, the Golden Butterfly. These can be sold for a whopping ten Gold, though the chances of it spawning are around 0.25%.

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