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Frequently Asked Questions

How to change name in valorant?

You don’t have to spend in-game currency to change your name: The process is completely free. To change your name, close the VALORANT client (if it’s already open), log in to your Riot account from your browser, navigate to the Riot ID tab at the top of the page, type in your new name, and click save changes. It’s that simple.

Can I Change my valorant username?

You can change your username once every month. If you have created a Valorant account with a name that you want to change but don’t know how to do it, well, we have a solution for you. Riot is one of the most popular game developers with many popular titles, which includes Valorant and games like League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Team Fight Tactics, and many more.

Can you change your username on valorant?

Players can change their Valorant display name once every 30 days. Valorant players can change their tagline every 30 days as well, according to their Riot ID FAQ blog. Since players can only change their ID once every month or so, make sure it’s a name that can be enjoyed for that duration of time. What is a Riot ID?

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