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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better chrome or edge?

Here we’d say Chrome has the edge, as it links with more ubiquitous and commonly used tools. But overall, Edge has the better feature set precisely because it has everything that Chrome has, and a little extra bonus in the way of Collections Chrome vs Edge features winner: Edge

Does Microsoft Edge automatically update?

Updates to Edge are automatically installed when Windows 10 is updated. So to keep Edge up to date, you need to keep Windows 10 up to date. Windows 10 automatically updates itself. Microsoft Windows 10 will periodically check for updates and install them. This will automatically mean that you have the latest "stable" version of the Edge web browser.

How do I change the default browser to edge?

Change your default browser in Windows 10 Select the Start button, and then type Default app settings. In the search results, select Default app settings. Under Web browser, select the browser currently listed, and then select Microsoft Edge or another browser.

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