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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vacutainer syringe?

A vacutainer syringe is a medical device used to collect blood samples from patients. It is a simple, safe and effective way to obtain blood samples from a vein. The vacutainer syringe consists of a needle, a tube and a plunger. The needle is inserted into the vein and the blood is drawn into the tube.

What are the components of A Vacutainer needle?

As shown in the figure, the major components of the vacutainer needles are the bevel, shaft, threaded tub, and rubber sleeve covering the needle. The sizes of the needle generally range from 1 to 1.5 inches with the gauge value ranging from 19 to 22. A single needle can be used to draw blood from a patient multiple times.

What kind of needle do you use for blood collection?

During blood collection, a skilled phlebotomist must take care of which needle to use. In most cases, straight needles are considered safe and efficient, but they may not be used under other circumstances. There are a variety of needles available in the market for blood collection.

What is a vacutainer system?

The vacutainer system is the set of vacutainer needle, holder, and blood collection tube. As the name implies, a vacutainer is a complete system of drawing blood from the patient to the vacuum blood collection tube. These tubes consist of different kinds of preservatives or the anti-coagulant for carrying out different kinds of blood tests.

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