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Frequently Asked Questions

What does hrad mean?

The term Hrad ( Czech: [ˈɦrat], "castle") is used as shorthand for the political groups that were centered on the President of Czechoslovakia, and later President of the Czech Republic .

What is the meaning of Prazsky hrad?

Soaring prices mean that the average Czech can no longer reasonably afford even a cup of coffee at the Republic's primary cultural monument, Prazsky hrad (Prague Castle). And various peoples' words for Mars itself designate the larger valleys: Auqakuh (Incan), Hrad (Armenian), Ares (Greek), and Kasei (Japanese).

What is the difference between Hrady and Zámky?

From Old Czech hrad, from Proto-Slavic *gȏrdъ . The word hrad is used for castles whose main function seems to be defence, while zámek is used for those whose main function seems to be ostentation. For example, the castles of King Edward in Gwynedd are hrady, while the Loire Valley castles are zámky.

Who coined the term “Hrad?

The term Hrad (capitalized) was coined by the media and used as a slur by political opponents.

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