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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the opposite of hubris?

What is the opposite of hubris? Opposite of excessive pride, presumption, or arrogance Opposite of the quality of having an excessively high opinion of oneself or one's importance “He was justifiably respected for his athletic prowess, but it was as much his modesty and grace that won him a legion of fans.”

What is an example of hubris in a sentence?

Examples of hubris in a Sentence. When conceived it was a project of almost unimaginable boldness and foolhardiness, requiring great bravura, risking great hubris. — Simon Winchester, The Professor and the Madman, 1998 If you were born Somewhere, hubris would come easy. But if you are Nowhere's child, hubris is an import,...

What is hubris in Greek mythology?

To the Greeks, hubris referred to extreme pride, especially pride and ambition so great that they offend the gods and lead to one's downfall. Hubris was a character flaw often seen in the heroes of classical Greek tragedy, including Oedipus and Achilles. The familiar old saying "Pride goeth before a fall" is basically talking about hubris.

What is the sin of hubris?

Every year He waxes too strong and commits "Hubris," and such sin has its proper punishment. Each Year arrives, waxes great, commits the sin of Hubris, and then is slain. Her hubris was in part, at all events, the result of ignorance.

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