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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MPG of a Hummer H1?

The H1 Hummer gets approximately 16 mpg. The fuel tank holds around 25 gallons of gas.

What is the weight of a Hummer H1?

Hummer H1 Weight Overview The Hummer H1 weighs between 6814 lbs and 8114 lbs depending on the trim and model year. Scroll down to get the weight of your particular year and model trim. Check the towing capacities of other makes and models here.

What is the difference between a Hummer H2 and H3?

The Hummer H2 is roomier inside than the H3, with 40.5 inches of headroom, 66.4 inches shoulder room and 63.8 inches hip room. The H3 has about the same headroom, but about 10 inches less shoulder and hip room.

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